Forming Faith @ Home Newsletter

Welcome to “Forming Faith At Home”!


 nativityFF@H is a Christian education resource to help us keep our baptismal promises to learn Jesus, follow Jesus, and teach Jesus.

The seed of faith is planted more often, nourished more richly, and grows more deeply in people’s homes than anywhere else. Faith is not part of a balanced life. Faith is the way of life. FF@H is a resource to guide you and your family as Jesus’ daily disciples.

Each month a new edition of FF@H is posted here along with an updated monthly calendar of Children, Youth and Family activities.  The purpose is to prepare you for a God-centered month.

We highlight three different ways to share faith:

At Home:  Activities that can easily be done as you spend time at home.
Out and About: Activities that can be done on outings you take as a family.

On the Way: Activities that can be done as your family travels.

We hope Forming Faith @ Home wil continue to help your family set a rhythm that draws your family closer together and centers you around Jesus.



2012 Trinity Lutheran Church & Preschool.